Sunday, May 03, 2009

My Birthday

Every year it's the same old story. Boy craves red velvet cake for his birthday. Boy's mom sends boxed cake across the ocean. Boy waits 3 weeks until the actual date of his birthday. Boy reads directions. Boy bakes cake. Boy mucks it up. Boy decides that cream cheese frosting makes him just as happy. :)

Such is my story for the third year in a row. I promise I follow the directions (at least I did this time). The first couple times I forgot to add either eggs or water. Usually it turns out looking like a dense red brownie. Somehow, though not surprisingly, I messed it up again. In the spirit of playing with food (as I haven't quite grown out of that phase of my life), I decided to decorate.

Meet Mr. Red.

He was happy until I started eating out his brains "return of the living dead" style.

Luckily, the second layer turned out better.

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